Custom Field Connection Settings, Blank Modal

Hello BB Community!

Using the example at the link below to create a custom Field Connection to display formatted dates.

This wasn’t working so to test I am using the exact code found at the link above.

Specifically, in my functions.php file of child theme, I have:

add_action( ‘fl_page_data_add_properties’, function() {

FLPageData::add_post_property( ‘my_connection’, array(
‘label’ => ‘My Connection’,
‘group’ => ‘general’,
‘type’ => ‘string’,
‘getter’ => ‘my_connection_getter’,
‘form’ => ‘my_connection_form’
) );
} );

function my_connection_getter() {
return ‘My text’;
FLPageData::add_post_property_settings_fields( ‘my_connection_form’, array(
‘my_setting’ => array(
‘type’ => ‘text’,
‘label’ => ‘My Setting’
) );

This always seems to result in a blank settings modal when I attempt to Insert the Field Connection.

Note the request appears to be getting a valid response. But it’s definitely not showing the expected My Setting field in the modal.

Please help! Thank you!


Kind of disheartening Googling for a Beaver Builder issue only to find a question you submitted over a year ago did nothing but collect dust :frowning:

The forum is powered by the Beaver Builder community. I’ve just tested the code from that doc and it works for me.

Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 20.36.38.png

If you’re having an issue, the best course of action is to submit a ticket using the forum below.