Custom header, remote the header logo


Hello Team bb, I need some help. I need to change the header on my web, It is possible i would love to used something similar to the one you have in this wed (bb).

For me the header with the button color i have is ok, but no the middle side when with see the logo. I like the idea on your web side, pleases help me to found the way, thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hey Geovanis,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Sorry but I can’t seem to picture out what you’re trying to do. Do you think you can take a screenshot of it, upload it to imgur, then paste the link here so we can see?

If you’re trying to replicate what we did with this site, you can use the BB theme, if you have it already. If you don’t, it’s gonna depend on the theme you’re using so I suggest checking your theme’s docs for more info.

Hope this helps!



Hello Ben thanks for your help, here are the link to the page, this medium header with the logo is to big and docent work with the style I working on… pleases help me thanks. Geovanis


the menu in this website (your wed) {bb} is similar to the one i looking for…


Hey Geovanis,

If you want how our site looks, it’s made with the BB theme. If you want it to look and behave specifically as you described on that image, I can’t say the BB theme works that way OOB. You’re gonna have to add custom CSS for the fixed top menu.



Hi Ben, thanks to replay me, do you have any idea, can you help me on that, :slight_smile:


Hey Geovanis,

If you’re using our theme maybe I could provide some quick CSS fixes. Do you have the URL of the site so I can take a look?



yes pls thanks thanks so mush ben I tired to try to get though this …one more time thanks :slight_smile:


i make some modification buy doesn’t help me :slight_smile: i need someone like you with the experience on your theme :slight_smile:


Hey Geovanis,

I can see the Fixed Header is already setup. Is there something else you needed?



do you have any phone number i can call your maybe call my english is terrible my language is in Spanish. 18778963607 ext 200, pleases


Ben i thinks we lose, the header with the logo, social media phone number, that is the header i don’t wanna see, I want the logo beside the menu, the way is setup is to big, look terrible… do you understand me now :slight_smile: if let me kwon thanks


Hey Geovanis,

We have several layouts for our header. You can head over to Theme Customizer > Header and play with the settings there until you get something that you want. Sorry, but this forum is the only type of support we do.



Ok, I understand, any of the bb theme have that possibility, this is something have to be css, or doesn’t work, Ben pleases give me some support on that css, pleases.


Hey Geovanis,

I’d really love to help you, but what you’re trying to do can’t be done with CSS alone. You have to edit the markup(HTML) to do what you want. We really don’t support CSS issues here unless it’s something very simple and related to BB.





Hey Geovanis,

We’ve collated frequently asked CSS issues on the links below. One for the plugin and the other for the theme. Feel free to go through them and see if they could help you build your site.



thanks one more time :slight_smile: I working on this problem sign some css are not correct, thanks one more time.


No worries! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile:



how to make beaver builder header opacity work, example menu???