Custom Image Sizes in Content Slider

Hi There,

I am using the content slider with the “text and photo” setting.

I have defined a custom image size in my child theme’s function.php with hard crop mode ON so that the images will all be the same dimensions. I feel like a few days ago I was able to see my custom image size in the dropdown menu where you select the photo, but now it isn’t there. I verified that the particular files I am looking at have the necessary image size, but I can’t select it in the slider.

Did this get wiped out in an update?


Hey Traci,

How did you add the custom image sizes? Did you follow the steps found on this thread?

If you did, you might simply need to regenerate the thumbnails.


I updated my functions call to match the one in that thread and it resolved everything – thanks!

That’s awesome! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: