Custom logout link in button

Hey guys -

I am trying to create a logout button. Any help here would be great. I need to have a logout button that I can place anywhere within a page, not in the header.

Thanks in advance.

Hey David,

I’m having a hard time understanding what you mean. Would a BB button linking to the WP logout page be the answer there?


Hey Billy -

So basically… I’ve got a bit of a web app going and want to include a button on the page where the user can logout. I don’t want to use a menu and install a menu based login/logout plugin. I would like to have the flexibility of using a button module that I can then assign to whatever page/area I want.

Make sense?

Hmm, still having trouble wrapping my head around this, sorry about that. Wouldn’t a global button work then? Do you have an example you can send?

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Ah yes, that does make sense. Yep, I think a global button is your best option there! Unless there is a shortcode you can use. What are you using for user login, etc.?