Custom Module example is broken + solution


I purchased your plugin and we are trying to create custom modules to meet our theme requirements.
We realized that the example is broken, and there are reasons for this:

  1. fl-custom-module-examples.php

“if(class_exists(‘FLBuilder’)) {” always returns false.
This code should be called inside WP loop (inside a hook), otherwise it will return false, as the main Beaver Builder plugin is not loaded yet.

Solution: wrap in a function and call it from action(‘init’).

  1. Once step 1 is fixed, fl_load_module_examples should be called directly and not from action(‘init’)

Thanks for the report! It looks like you are correct. I don’t think I caught this because the examples I have are named differently and are probably loading after the builder. I’ll make a note to update the examples.

Let me know if there is anything else.


Thanks again for the input. The docs have been adjusted and will be available with the next maintenance release.