Custom post type - show on front page with other posts

I’m using the theme and plugin. I use Event Espresso for managing events; it produces a custom post “event post”. I’d like to display these on the front page the same way the theme displays normal posts. Is this possible?


Hmm, good question, Sandra. I am thinking you could pull out the posts module and then in the content tab, select the event post type to display that particular post type. Give that a shot and it should work out well for you, but let us know if you run into any trouble!


Hi Billy - I would be very interested in this as well - I have just tried your above suggestion but the content tab of the posts module does not seem to allow you to select a post type, only individual posts.

Hi Rebecca, This rings a bell - I think first you need to go into Settings >> Page Builder - select the Post Types on the left menu and your post type(s) should be there un-checked - check it (or them) and Save and see if it then appears…
HTH, Dave

Brilliant - did the trick (and really obvious too in hind sight!). Thanks so much Dave

:slight_smile: Glad I could help