Custom Post Type won't display in Post feed

Hey Guys

I’ve created a custom post type in with the Custom Post Types UI plugin, created a page which looks fine & have enabled the new post type in BB settings so editing it is fine.

However the problem I’m having is that the “posts” module won’t display my custom post type.

I have a category of “wet plant solutions” which I am trying to show a feed of.

The standard blog posts show up in the feed when given the category but the new post type won’t show.

When I search for it in the “post” module under category or just the post name it won’t find it & says “no posts can be found”

Could it be a setting in the CPT that I’ve missed or are there any known issues with CPT & BB?


Hey Luke,

You need to select the CPT first under Post Type before it can see the categories under that CPT. Can you try that and see if it works? If it doesn’t, can you share temp admin access to the site in question so we can take a look?