Custom subscribe form email body

Is it possible to custom the email message on subscribe form??
I just copied the module to the echild theme/fl-builder/
But have no idea where could I modified the code.

Thank you

Hi Toby,

Which mailing list service provider are you using? The welcome email normally is being sent out from whichever service provider you’re using; e.g. if you’re using Mailchimp then you change it in your Mailchimp account panel.


Hi Jun,
I’m afraid there’s a little misunderstanding.

Actually we choose “Email” as the service,
and set an email address only…

And what we want is customized the “alert” email content.
is that possible??


Hey Toby,

Sorry to say but the content template is actually inside one of the classes, class-fl-builder-service-email-address.php which you can’t override. If you’ve a minute, feel free to add this as a feature request on our User Voice though! :slight_smile:


Hi Ben,
Crystal clear.
Thanks for the prompt reply.

No worries at all, Toby! And thanks for understanding. :slight_smile:

Enjoy BB!