Custom Widget + Widget Area

I am trying to add a custom widget in this area -

That area is not editable through page builder. I am thinking that I will code a custom sidebar/widget then embed to that part,we are using the child theme. can you point me to the right action hook for that part?

The website is

I created a work around using css and the theme settings.
But it would be great to know if I can add a new widget area whilst using the child theme.

Hi Christopher,

The page builder is only available to modify within the content area. You are correct in that you would need to custom code a new widget area in the theme currently. We are looking at making the Beaver Builder theme a bit more robust here in the coming months so stay tuned!


Hey Chris, if you’re using the Beaver Builder child theme, what you’ll probably need to do is copy the header.php file from the parent theme into the child theme, then edit that file. You can see the action hooks that are available from within that file too. The markup for that top bar is generated by this function call:


You can remove that line and add your own markup there. You can also jump into the FLTheme class and use the markup in that function as a reference. Like Billy said, this is an area that we’re planning to overhaul very soon. We want to make it easier to override sections of the theme like this!