Customizable Footer

Hi, I would first like to thank the beaverbuilder team for building such a smooth and impressive page builder. I am currently trying to build a wordpress to submit at themeforest. But there is a small problem I am facing at present.

Footer customization: I have to make a footer like this it clearly needs a page builder, for me to give user options to choose the layout and drag the widgets in. But beaver doesnt allow me to do that. If it had an option where we can create a layout in normal and save it, and then use functions to pull that layout into a certain area, then I can use that.

Slider above header: I need to get this, which is not possible with beaver builder, however with the same solution like i mentioned above, it can also solve this.

Btw, I have also created a tool to create bb modules, that automatically generates code, for myself. If it helps someone they might want to use it too. source

Hey Kapil,

I have already assigned this to another member of the team who can assist you further.


Hi Kapil,

Thanks for getting in touch. First and foremost, it appears you are attempting to integrate and bundle a premium version of Beaver Builder for resale on ThemeForest. Per our licensing, we do not allow or support doing that with our premium version. You can only do so with our Lite version available on the WordPress repo. This article can assist with integration of the Lite version if you would like to take a look.

Can you please confirm your plans with Beaver Builder and the theme you are creating? I’m afraid if the above is what you are trying to do, we won’t be able to help here and actually is in violation of our licensing.

BTW - the module generator is very slick, great work there!


OMG! I have pro membership, does agency membershp allow it? or does custom modules work in lite versions?

Hey Kapil,

None of our premium versions allow bundling with a premium theme, sorry about that! You can however bundle the Lite version and include your own custom modules, that is totally fine.


Oh thank god! btw, whats the difference with lite version & premium? it doesnt have advanced modules from beaver right?

So back to the issue. Do you think there is anyway currently i can user page builder to create the footer?( it should appear the same on all pages, without needing to add it on every page)

The Lite version doesn’t contain our advanced modules and the page templates. Re. what you were looking to do earlier, unfortunately, that isn’t possible. BB is really only a content area solution and doesn’t have the capability to operate in the footer or header unless you create either exclusively using our headerless/footerless page template.


Thanks for the information. Also for the license thing, I could have been in trouble.

No worries, Kapil, thanks for being honest about it! :slight_smile:

Here is a great article that explains the difference between Beaver Builder Lite vs Pro and premium versions.

Here is a great article that walks you through how to create a custom WordPress footer