Customize Search Result Page

I know this isn’t beaver builder specific (I wish I could customize the page in beaver builder), but I was hoping you could direct me to where I need to go to modify my wordpress search result page.

Right now, when I type in a search, the page I’m taken to has a widget area on the right I’d like to remove. Would just like a full page of results to display.



Hey Peter,

The only way to do that is to modify your theme’s search.php file. If it doesn’t have one, you can make a copy of the index.php file, rename it to search.php, and modify the contents.

Basically, the theme looks for the search.php file first, and if it can’t find one, it uses the index.php file instead. You can check this WP Template Hierarchy image for more info. :slight_smile:


Hello Ben:

Thanks, that seemed to do the trick.


Awesome! :slight_smile:

Enjoy BB!