Customizing Header layout


I’m looking for tips/info on how to create a header like this:

I’m asking as you guys are much more familiar with how the code works and probably can give me some time saving info on how best to do this. I did a search, looked through the KB and FAQ’s, but didn’t find anything specific to what I’m trying to do.

I really appreciate any help!

Hey Keith,

Yea, that’s a bit tricky and bit more than I think we’ll be able to provide code support for. You may be able to create that look with the headerless/footerless page template though and the new menu module in two spots. Could that an option - just using BB for the entire page?


I would suggest creating a child theme, setting the header layout as ‘Nav Bottom’ in the customizer, and then upload a custom version of includes/nav-bottom.php in your child theme. In doing so you would be able to include an additional menu and searchform wherever you’d like.