Customizing the Appearance of a Blog Post?


I built a site with Beaver Builder, and I had one follow up question. How can I customize the appearance of a blog post? To be clear - I know how to edit the setting of the posts module. I’m talking about the font used, the size, etc.

I’m using a static “Front Page” (Home) and have left the “Posts Page” unselected. You can find a sample of a post here.



Hey Rob,

This is controlled by the theme. I can see you’re using the BB theme. Unfortunately, we don’t offer customizations for single posts alone. You can, however, change the font for general texts under Appearance > Customize > General > Text. Doing so changes the font style of the texts on your single posts as well as the other pages. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben. Can you share a little more about how people do this on other sites? When I look at other folks’ blog posts they look really beautiful. Do I need to migrate to a different theme to have the style that I need for my brand?

Thanks again!

Hi Rob,
In case you are not aware, you can use Beaver Builder to design the layout of a single post.
Just ensure that Settings >> Page Builder has Posts ticked under the ‘Post Types’ section
HTH, Dave

Hey Dave,

Thanks for jumping in! :slight_smile:


Like Dave said, you can use the page builder on Posts. But the only module we have that let’s you change the font-style is our Heading module.

Actually, do you mind sharing a bit more on what you’re trying to do? I may have misunderstood your initial inquiry. I was thinking you wanted to have different font-styles for pages and posts. Is that correct? Or did you want something more?


Hi Ben and Dave

I have make sure that “Settings >> Page Builder has Posts ticked under the ‘Post Types’ section”.

But the only place where I can add a module on the Blog post is actually right under the Post picture (before the post text) or right after the text. I cannot change header, side bare, titel, featured picture, comments … you name it.

Is that what’s possible? Or am I missing something important?

Are you talking about two different things when Ben says “we don’t offer customizations for single posts alone” and Dave says “you can use Beaver Builder to design the layout of a single post.”?

I really need help on that one. (I created a support ticket for it with also a questions on Author Box.)

Having the same issue. I would like to use the Header I designed for my site for the Single Blog Post as well. Seems a little silly that this isn’t possible within Beaver Builder as an option to add a custom header and footer.

Hey guys,

I’d just like to clear things up a bit here. When using the BB theme, and it’s probably true for other themes as well, the only element you can control on Posts using the page builder will be the content area. The header, footer, and sidebar will all be controlled by the theme. This is by design, and is the main difference between Posts and Pages. For Pages, you have templates you can select but the same is not true to Posts. There is only one layout for Posts and that is controlled by the single.php file, at least for the BB theme.

If you would like to design everything on your Posts using BB, you’ll have to do some theme file modifications. My reply on the thread below discusses how to do so. What it does, is it simply makes the No Header/Footer Page template as the template for all of your Posts. This way, you can design all elements on your Posts using BB.

The problem with the method above is new Posts will not automatically have the same header/footer as the one you’ve designed. You need to apply it manually per Post that gets created. We’ve another workaround for that as well. Check out Robby’s video below.

Hope this makes sense.


Hi Ben,
I was looking for the “No Header/Footer Page template” in my parent theme directory but could not find it. As I use another theme (TESSSERACT), the name for the template is probably different. How can I find this “No Header/Footer Page template” in the TESSERACT theme?


Hey Rainer,

Sorry to say but the No Header/Footer page template is only available to the BB theme. Not really sure if your theme has a similar page template.