Customizing WooCommerce pages with BB

Normally, SHOP, CHECKOUT, CART, and MY ACCOUNT pages are created when Woocommerce is intalled.

In terms of customizing these pages with beaver builder,

  1. I have BB page builder on CART and MY ACCOUNT pages. But, I don’t have BB page builder on SHOP page. Is it normal?

  2. Once I clicked CHECKOUT page, it went to CART page. Is it normal? Why is like this?

  3. How can I have left-sidebar on every page with same width size if my question 1 and 2 are normal?

Hey Kamin,

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  1. If you set your SHOP page to be the shop base page for WooCommerce, that is normal since WooCommerce takes full control of the layout. This setting is found under WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display > Shop Page.
  2. That is normal if you have an empty cart. That is how WooCommerce works.
  3. That would totally depend on the theme you're using. Some theme offers a left hand sidebar, some don't. I'd suggest checking with your theme docs to find out. :)

Hope this helps!


We have a great blog post that can help with this: