Database wp post_meta size


I use Beaver Builder on various sites and on one of my sites that has only 50 pages, the table wp_post_meta is really big (150 MB) and most of it has a meta_key of _fl_builder_data.

Why is the database so big ? I have erased drafts and history slate and tried various plugins such as WP-sweep to clean but cannot seem to reduce this size ?

Why is this table so big for a small site ?
Also this is not the case on my other sites.

Thanks so much for your help

Have you disabled/reduced revisions? By default WP has no limit and every revision is a 1:1 clone of all page data.

I have erased all revisions with WP-Sweep and Advanced Database Cleaner, so I think there are no revisions left. Could they still be a track in fl_builder_data even if erased ?

Each layout/page will have one fl_builder_data entry with all the settings for that layout.

There might be orhaned history data if you have been using the refresh method when things take too long to save.

Some info about the history system and how to disable/limit it here:

150M is not exacly large really though.

OK, thanks, I will look into the history system and how to limit it.


I see in the database that some posts have many lines “_fl_builder_history_state_0 / 1 / 2…”

I have managed to clear them with ?fl_builder&nohistory with your previous help.

I also notice a lot of lines _fl_builder_draft and _fl_builder_draft_settings whereas the post is no longer a draft ?

Can I erase these lines ? Or will that lead to a conflict ?


All nohistory does is not load them, it does not delete anything at all, im not sure where I told you that?

I made a plugin a year ago to clean up unused data left behind when people dont wait for a slow server to save and rage refresh the browser it runs a weekly task … Mini plugin for Beaver Builder that clears all history states and draft data weekly for people on crippled potato hosting. · GitHub

Well something worked as when entering the /?fl_builder&nohistory and publishing the page, many lines “fl_builder_history_state” in my database disappeared.

I shall look into the plugin, thanks !