Deactivating Beaver Builder Plugin

I am noticing when I use P3 plugin scanner that Bb Plugin is taking the most time to load on my site about .1 sec. Is it possible to deactivate the plugin when I am not editing anything then simply activate the plugin when I need to make changes and edits to my site, then when finished simply deactivate the plug in again? Are there any negative side effects to doing this? Thanks!

Hi Todd! You don’t want to deactivate Beaver Builder because that will break the pages you created. If you deactivate, all of the text/image content will get ported back into the WordPress editor. This was a deliberate feature. If you decided to stop using BB you won’t loose the content you created. If you deactivate Beaver Builder, you can always reactivate and your pages will come back. There is an option to fully uninstall BB from our settings panel, and that will remove all of the page builder data.

That said, on the front end of your website we don’t load in any of the scripts or assets that are used to generate the Beaver Builder interface on the backend (which would be affecting the P3 report). We’re very performance conscious, so there is a bunch of resources that are loaded for on the backend that don’t get loaded at all on the front end. Essentially, we do what you are asking by default. You don’t have to deactivate BB :slight_smile:

Please let me know if I didn’t explain that clearly. I am happy to elaborate. Thanks for reaching out with your question, too!

Hi Robby, this is great! Thank you so much for the detailed and clear response!!