Here’s the first of many sites I plan to build with the BB theme and plugin: This is a refresh of a site I originally created ages ago with Thesis, which used to be my go-to theme.

My client has a similar site I built with Genesis and the Aesop Story Engine (, which we also installed on the BB site but we’re using the BB plugin more because we love the front-end editing. The customizer is really great, too, for previewing custom CSS.

The only thing I’m missing with BB is a way to auto format a large hero image with the post’s featured image. If anyone has suggestions, I’d welcome them, thanks!

Very cool, thanks for sharing Julie! I’ve always been a fan of that style of site! :slight_smile:

Hi Julie,
Nice work, looks great…

Can I just offer one piece of feedback…
The rows of content are quite high - which means you have to scroll down the page a lot to get to the various sections of content. As much as I like white space and an un-cluttered design, I think reducing some margins/padding would improve the site. or maybe consider some content being in 2 x columns in some areas.

Also I clicked on the arrow in the first wide image assuming it would scroll down!

All the best, Dave

Thanks, I agree. Is there a way to adjust the margin/padding defaults for the rows/modules?

Hey Julie,

Yes, you can do so in the global settings which can be accessed via the Tools button in the top right while in the BB editing interface. You’ll see the defaults in there to where you can adjust them.


Thanks, Billy. I had totally overlooked that. Nice!