Default beaverbuilder Modules Title Tag Option and SEO

On most default beaverbuilder modules in the “style tab”, their is an option for Title tag (H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6).
For advanced SEO enhancement , it’s not very confortable (sometimes we need a title with style of H1 but with no h1 tag…Do you understand? In fact google doesn’t like if their is to much H1 in a page, but for wedesign We need to use the H1 style)…

Is their a way (A hook, a filter or something ) to add some new tags in this style tab?
For exemple for title I would like to chose between
<h1>the title</h1>
<div class=“h1”>the title</div>
<h2>the title</h2>
<div class=“h2”>the title</div>
<h3>the title</h3>
<div class=“h3”>the title</div>

Hey Nicolas,

I understand what you mean. If you’ve got the time feel free to add this up as a feature request on our User Voice.

I’m not an SEO expert but for the time being perhaps you can use H6 so its impact is not that heavy on SEO. You have the option set Heading Size to Custom and customize the size so you can make it as big as an H1.


Hi Jun.
Thanks for your advices.
The H6 idea can work but I prefer A cleaner method: I will suggest the idea.

have a nice day