Dev site showcase and feedback

I’ve used visual composer for page building prior to beaver builder, and I will most likely never go back to any other page building plugin. I love the ease of use of beaverbuilder. I am developing a relaunch for a website, can I get some feedback on this design?


Dan - I just made the switch myself and said the exact same thing to my coworker. It’s a very powerful tool and I wish I got my hands on it sooner.

Site looks great! I think the logo, font, color scheme, and layout is solid. The only thing i’d suggest is using one of those neon colors - blue, green, etc for the background where it either says, “EPIC EUPHORIC MOMENTS CAPTURED IN TIME” or “Drop Of Life”. I think it’d make that content pop more. All the photos are really good, but it might be too much? Just my 2 cents.

The video on the homepage is killer.

Best of luck!

Dan, Like the design, but the video took sometime to appear - just white space. You might look into hosting the video on Amazon Web Services S3 storage and not on your site’s host.

Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll also optimize the video to try and get it less than 1.5MB.