difference between $99 , $199, $399 packages...

aside from builder theme and multisite capability/support, what is the difference between the $99 and $199 price points? Which package allows me to design page templates and assign as default, or to multiple pages at once? Basically I want to design themes and export them and be able to upload to clients and say build a theme for niche businesses and not have to create each page and assign a template for each page but assign them so that if new pages are created they get the template preassigned to them…

Hey Nathan,

Thanks for the message. The biggest difference between the 99/199 packages is our theme. If you’re creating your own themes, the $99 dollar package should be sufficient.

We just released an alpha version of Beaver Builder 1.8. This release is going to have a feature that allows you to create templates that will work with the free version of Beaver Builder (https://wordpress.org/plugins/beaver-builder-lite-version/).

If you’re creating themes to distribute or sell, we only support bundling the free version of Beaver Builder for this purpose, and once 1.8 is out, you’ll be able to include templates with your theme! This currently isn’t possible.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to automatically assign a template to a page or many pages. Sorry. Please feel free to add that as a feature request, though: https://wpbeaverbuilder.uservoice.com/. It’s a good idea.

We have a Knowledge Base article with information on the theme author templates here:

We’ll have a blog post with a lot more information on 1.8 very soon, too. Probably within 1-2 weeks.