Difference between "Menu" and "Selection" order

In the Products Grid module > custom query, there is the Sort By option that has “Menu order” and “Selection order”


What is the difference between those two and how would they behave differently?

selection order is the order you select them in the include posts option below there. menu order is a wp setting in the post edit screen.

Can you clarify Selection order for me. If I have in the includes section categories set as this:

Do you mean that if I set the Sort Order to Selection then it will first group and list all the Artwork together and then would group and list all the Audio & eBook together?

And if so, what is the secondary sort order? e.g. group by Artwork by ID, then group by Audio & eBook by ID?

Its better described in the docs :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks! I was looking in the Themer docs for Products Grid (as that’s what I was actually using) and didn’t see any information. I never thought of looking at the Posts module. So all good now :+1:

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