Differences in price and function between BB Theme and BB Themer

  1. Is it possible to purchase BB Themer without purchasing the BB Theme. Will the former work if I NEVER buy the latter.

  2. Does the Themer provide all the features of the Theme?

  3. I already have the plugin. What are the individual prices of the remaining two items?

  4. If I have to purchase both, is there a discount for the bundle, or is it just the two prices added up from (3)?



  1. Yes, you can use other themes. See: Themes that support Beaver Themer | Beaver Builder Knowledge Base

  2. No as Themer is an add-on for the main plugin, it is not a theme so it couldn’t possibly be a replacement. You will still need a theme.

  3. Themer is $147 per year. You cannot purchase the BB theme separately. You’d need to upgrade to Pro or Agency to get it. If you upgrade, your upgrade will be prorated so I can’t tell you what that would cost. See here for details: Upgrade your premium license | Beaver Builder Knowledge Base

  4. No, there is no discount offered for bundling.