Different layout for a CPT..

I was coming in to ask the exact same question as http://forum.wpbeaverbuilder.com/support/q/how-to-move-featured-image-above-post-title/ :slight_smile:

So, in order to achieve this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7tgbkig3i7rqa60/Accueil_-_Le_Front.png?dl=0 , my best route is to copy and tweak the post module to display my specific CPT in a different way, correct?

Image linked in above post..

Why aren,t links to dropbox shared images not working?


Hey Nomad411,

Good to hear from you again! Yep, that would be the only to do it. The thing is, the image is loaded first on the markup so it’s really hard, if not impossible, to move its position. And that maybe that’s the only thing you have to change for the custom module! Better yet, if you like the post module to behave that way, you may just want to override the post module itself.

Hope this helps!


oh true. So would that be filtering from functions.php then?

Might be simpler for my brain to just go get WP-Views in the end :slight_smile:

Hey Nomad411,

It’s not gonna be filtering from functions.php but the same thing as a custom module. On the custom module documentation, there is a part for Overriding Built-In Modules. You can check that out :slight_smile:

Yes, a more robust plugin for posts should work as well.


I’ll go look at the doc, thanks :slight_smile:

So Ben,

if I understand this well enough, I could override the post module, and get my results by adding a section where “IF the content is my CPT”, run a different block of code to display?

You know, all this is really requiring a new option added to the Post module to have the image on top, “above” the title :slight_smile:

I’ll go add it to uservoice if not there already…

Hey Ben,

As I started hacking into the module override tonight, I thought, hey! Let’s see if I can use BB only first. So far I was just taking the client’s word.

Turns out, All I had to do was use the Post plugin in grid mode, Grid of 1 :wink:



Hey Nomad411,

Right, but using this method, you are only limited to having a max width of 999px due to the nature of the plugin. But still, good find! I was so focused on using the Feed layout and never thought about the others :slight_smile:

Edit: Regarding the new option, you can hit our User Voice Forums for that.