Difficulty in Centering Background Image


I am new to Beaver Builder and web design. I am attempting to have a full image slider at the top of my page. The problem I am running into is:

a) having the full images and text “center”. I have played with the padding and cannot seem to make the image center within in the browser window.
b) having the the full images and text “scale and center” when the browser size is actively reduced. When the browser size is reduced there is a grey space that appears over the full image.

I have been working on getting this right and reviewed many posts in the forums and have had no success.

Thanks for your help.

Hey Eric,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Do you mind sharing the URL of the site in question so we can take a look? Feel free to use the private reply option below if you need to.


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Hey Eric,

We won’t be able to adjust those images since they’re in a slideshow. The only way around that is for you to adjust the image before uploading it to your site.


Hello Ben,

Thanks for your response. Even if I were to fix the images one by one the text itself would not scale upon scale down as similar to the other site I mentioned above. Is this not a capability of Beaver Builder?

Thank you,


Hey Eric,

You can actually do that with our Heading module, which is what you’re using for the heading ‘Live Life To The Fullest’. There should be a Style tab and under it should be a Mobile Structure setting where you can change the font-size for mobile view.