Disable JQuery inside of BB Editor

Hi There.

So I’m exceptionally new to wordpress, but not to coding. I dont understand many things about it and so I’m hear to ask questions.

So it seems that Wordpress only runs on v1.12 of jquery. I want to use the latest version on my site, however this breaks the Beaver Builder, which I also want to use. I will get my company to buy the premium version, if I can get it work correctly.

However when I have the following script in my functions.php:

// Load JQuery
wp_deregister_script(‘jquery’); // Remove WP jQuery version
wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’, ‘http://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.5.1.min.js’, array(), ‘3.5.1’, true );

Beaver Builder just doesnt load whatsoever. I tried using the is_admin function but that returns ‘false’ when using the beaver builder editor.

So what can I do? Is there any way to detect in functions.php when the Beaver Builder editor is being used? How can I use the latest version of jQUery?

Just use one of the many freely available plugins that will enqueue the latest version for you from wp.org.

Can I ask what you need from 3.5.1?

Thanks for your response! I’m currently be told to re-write the company website into wordpress. I’ve got lots and lots of jquery already written for the latest version that I would have to re-write again for the new site.
What would a plugin do that my code in functions.php not do? Conditional loading of some sort? If its just enqueueing, how is that different from my code above?

because your code does not take into account jquery UI or the countless jquery plugins that wp bundles.

Im sure your hand crafted code would work perfectly fine with the version wp bundles, what exact code requires 3.5.1? Im only asking because ive never seen any

I just want to use the latest version, thats all. Surely the latest, is the best, is more stable, can do more things?

Si are you telling me its not possible to use the latest version of jQuery with BB?

And could you name some of the plugins you were talking about? I have no idea which ones.

I never said that. It will work fine. If it was more stable then wordpress would just update, fact is they have not because there isnt really anything to gain. All security fixes are backported into the current wp version.

We went through this recently, we needed to add an external jquery form embed which would only work with a later jquery version. It was a big BB site and is working ‘fine’ on. (3.5.1)

For peace of mind we are now going to have to check now every time the other plugins are updated to see if everything is still working.
The most ‘stable’ version for your WP site would be the bundled version which every dev builds their WP plugins for.

We’ve got hundreds of sites using the bundled WP version and BB and have total peace of mind.
No way I’d update unless we had to.

To update we used: https://wordpress.org/plugins/jquery-manager/

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