Disappearing Form Insert Button

Greetings -
Just a quick question in case someone else has had this issue. I was having trouble finding a match in the knowledgebase.

I have sites using Gravity forms and Formstack but the issue is the same for both. The forms generated work fine but when the Builder is active and I open a text editor window, for example, the form insert button is gone. It shows up fine above the normal WP content editor areas next to the styling icons, but not when the builder is active. My work around currently is to use the normal WP editor and click the insert form button there to create the shortcode for the form. Once the shortcode for the form is retrieved it works fine when placed in the Builder’s active editor. Any thoughts on what might be causing the form insert button to go away?

Hey Jon,

That is actually intended. We’re not allowing any 3rd party plugin enhancements to the Text Editor module as it causes too many errors/bugs. What you’re doing is the workaround we recommend. :slight_smile:


Hi Ben,
Thanks for the response. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t overlook something. Appreciate the quick responses.


No worries at all, Jon! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: