Display specific post's ACF fields (gallery) on different page

Hiya All,
I’m doing my head in at the moment trying to display ACF fields from a specific post on a different page.

Specifically, I have CPT ‘Places’.
Each ‘Place’ has a gallery of pics loaded as ACF gallery.
Single post display works a treat and gets data for the page ID being viewed.

Now I’m trying to build a content ‘index’ page of place types. So in a row I want to display a sample ‘Modern’ ‘Place’ with say post ID:20 as a set of images. If I can do a Gallery module even better. But I only want the images of post_ID:20 to show in this row.
Further down, I’ll have another row of ‘Historic’ ‘Place’, where I only want to show the ACF gallery images of say post_ID:24 in that row.
and so on.

If I use the ‘Posts’ module, I can be specific in pulling in the page_IDs i need, but it doesn’t show me the ACF gallery field as display option.
So my thought would be to call it with a ‘Custom - Post Layout’. – But what is the Gallery shortcode then?
If I can get it as masonary, it’ll be sooo cool.

Any ideas if this will work and how?

I built a custom module which can resolve the issue. Please see the demo here http://guten.paulchinmoy.com/gallery/. You can get the module from here https://www.paulchinmoy.com/pro/creates-gallery-page-with-beaver-builder-acf-plugins/

Module settings form have Pick Up From option where you can select different post/page.