Displays in the editor but not after publish

So on the front page of www.keyidentityaccess.com the display is not showing up the same as in the editor. As matter of fact, it looks just perfect in the editor but when I hit "publish it shows differently. I’ve tried deleting unused plugins and also unused themes and that didn’t fixed it. As you can see, even the images aren’t showing.

Thanks for the help!


Hi Ryan,
The reason is that the images have a URL that starts in:
Looks like you may have migrated the site and have not done a serialized search & replace.
See this KB article

HTH, Dave

Thank you for the swift response Dave. I will look into the article. Although I didn’t migrate the site I did switch a theme and am thinking that could have been the issue. But I’ve done it with other sites without a hitch; I noticed that after I deleted the old themes my issues were solved. Will check your link to see if that is the solution.


So Dave, I thought about it more. My hosting company is Siteground and they have a handy feature that let’s you create a staging copy of the site, edit it there, then “push” the copy live. That may have been part of the issue. However, when I was editing in the staging copy mode the issue was there. It must have considered the site to have transferred to the new domain, even as a staging copy?


Hi Ryan,
I’ve no idea how that works - I doubt if their service that moves the site does a serialized search & replace. That is the first thing to find out…

I discovered that the staging copy is not a site migration; it is an actual copy that is “pushed to live”. They are trouble shooting it for me! Hope to discover the issue because I really like BeaverBuilder. I’ve tried SiteOrigin’s Page builder and MiniMax and this is 3 times better than both. Our websites are billboards:)

Hi Ryan,
I am 99.9% sure this is not a BB issue…

Very glad to hear:)
Thanks Dave!

What sites have you built with this plugin (if I may ask?). I’ll check them out.

Hey Dave,

Thanks for jumping in!


This is indeed a problem when they transitioned your site from staging to live. On the staging site, you were probably using staging URLs, i.e., http://i1.wp.com/keyidentityaccess.com which is no longer active when they did the transition. For now, you can use the Better Search Replace plugin to look for all instances of i1.wp.com/keyidentityaccess.com and replace it with www.keyidentityaccess.com. Just make sure you make a backup of your DB before doing so. :slight_smile: