Divided Main Menu?

Looking to use something like this widget - http://mattkeys.me/products/wp-nav-plus/

The goal is to center the logo in a divided menu. This one works by putting his widget into a “sidebar”. I installed it and put in primary sidebar, but it’s not doing anything so am assuming you guys are doing something different that the standard install/theme.

Is a way to get a divide menu like this within the BB theme?

Hey Chris,

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be possible on our theme out of the box. You’d have to modify the theme header for that to work. The method you mentioned, placing the menu to a sidebar, would only work as well if the theme offers a widget area on the header. I’m not really sure but I guess there are themes out there offering this kind of functionality OOB so I would suggest searching for some. Sorry, I wish I had a better answer for you.