Does Beaver Builder play nicely with iThemes Exchange?

I understand that Woocommerce works well with Beaver Builder on ecommerce sites. However, I have a client who, for various reasons, wants to use iThemes Exchange. How does this plugin play with Beaver Builder? Are there any known issues or reasons why I should persuade my client to not choose iThemes exchange?

Thanks for your thoughts.



Hey John,

Thanks for getting in touch and great question! I’m not entirely familiar with that plugin (I am assuming you are referring to the iThemes Exchange plugin) to be honest and am unsure as to how it would play with Beaver Builder depending on their combined use. How would you want them to work together? In that, I mean, would you want Beaver Builder to be able to modify iThemes elements or would you just want to be able to use both on given pages simultaneously? It appears the plugin is free so I may do some testing on my own this weekend, but feel free as well and let me know what you find. Of course, if there were to be issues, we would certainly look into them. :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting back to me Billy. The main use for Beaver Builder would be not directly on the product pages, cart etc, but instead on the general site pages.

Having said this, I have assumed that it would be best not to use Beaver Builder on the product pages itself as the likelihood of issues arising would be higher on those pages. But I may be wrong.



You bring up some great points and that definitely makes sense. Typically, when I am building out an eCommerce site, I wouldn’t necessarily use BB on the actual eCommerce pages, rather on site pages to where I could add a few products here and there if desired. Regardless, I am curious now so will certainly take a look!

I look forward to any further thoughts you may have on this Billy.