Downloading Photogallery

Dear beaverbuilder team

How difficult would it be to set up a download button that enables visitors downloading a Photogallery that was placed with bb? Is there a way I could set up such a feature?

Thanks for helping.
Regards - Dominic

Any ideas?

Hey Dominic! That’s a good question. I did a quick search to see if there was a plugin that could do this for you. I didn’t find anything too promising, but you could dig a bit deeper on that front.

You could always do this manually, i.e., create the gallery and then create the .zip file with the same photos. I am sure this isn’t ideal, but it would work.

It looks like NextGen has a download gallery plugin. You could experiment with using NextGen and this plugin:

Let me know if any of these options work out for you. I’m curious to hear if you can get this going…