Dropdown for custom field names

This way you don’t have to remember field names

This would be a great time saver!

For both ACF and Pods, please

Pods has their own integration and already offers this :slight_smile:

Yes, I am aware, but it’s an extra plugin. If you’re rolling it into BB directly, the request is that it supports Pods, ACF, Metabox, and built-in WP custom fields. There are other areas in BB that only support ACF natively (e.g. If conditionals for settings) and I’m not sure why that is when there seems to be a significant amount of BB users utilizing Pods.

The dropdown would be for when selecting Post Custom Field as the connection and ACF if we can make it work.

We built in the integration for ACF which is why we support it in conditionals, whereas Pods built in support for Themer in their own plugin.

Hi you can add this as feature request to https://github.com/pods-framework/pods-beaver-builder-themer-add-on/issues/new

I’m thinking about adding it but for now you could just use the custom field option…