Dropdown menu in page/ post ?

Probably this is beyond what’s possible with the Beaver, but I’d like to have a (small) dropdown menu inside a set of posts. For instance with links to each and every other post in the same category.
I need it to give this access without leaving the page (eg. going via a category archive page)
The closest i get is by using an accordion module with a bulleted list inside, but it’s not too elegant. Other suggestions?
PS No url - working locally

Hey Kjetil,

Since our Menu module is still on the way, have you tried using the default Custom Menu widget? And just use custom CSS to style it? If you really want to convert it to a pure dropdown menu then you need to add custom jQuery code. Check this thread on SE showing how it’s done(converting a UL to a select dropdown).

Hope this helps!


I’ll give it a try… :o)

No worries! Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:


…well, those instructions went just a little bit over my head. (For some reason I can’t make the pure css example work - the one making the blue menu).
In the simplest version (the last example, which should be possible to style) there’s

  • some css I can put in my child theme’s style.css file
  • some html
  • but also a script to be put in the header. Could I just ask where I should put that code? (For instance, I wouldn’t believe putting it in the functions.php file would work…) Would be useful to know also for other occasions :o)
  • Your menu module - Any idea when it will be ready?

Key Kj,

Sorry but do you mind showing a sample? I may have misunderstood what you wanted completely and might have given you wrong sources.


Thanks you, but I think we leave it for now and rather try out an other navigation type.
If you’d like to have a look, you’ll see it below image row and the little Garda logo slightly down right here:
On other posts I’ve tried out a (small) accordion, but it doesn’t work too well since it pushes away the content below. That’s why I thought of a dropdown menu as a solution.
For now (since this demo doesn’t require a real and working main menu, we move all the demo posts up there :o)

Hey Kj,

No worries! Just let us know if you need/find anything further! :slight_smile: