Dynamic menu - can BB do it?

I’ve been asked to create a dynamic menu like the one in the site below:

Note how the menu slides and the content resizes to match.

Can this be done with the Beaver Builder tools, or by adding a module or widget?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

The term for that is Off-Canvas. You can find several plugins that will add that feature.

The Ultimate Beaver for Beaver Builder addons package has an off-canvas module that I’ve used before. You can put whatever content you want in the flyout. You would need to add some css animations to the menu items to get the staggered effect you linked to. Off-Canvas – Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder They have a lot of other modules in their plugin that I use often. Highly recommended.

Thank you very much, I will give that a try!

An Off-Canvas module is also available in the PowerPack addons for BB:


Thank you for your reply. I have licenses both PowerPack and Ultimate but I was not aware of the ‘off canvas’ module and what it is used for. I can now try them both.

Actually for your project, maybe you would need to use both PP Off-canvas and Sliding menu modules:

I highly recommend the PowerPack’s off canvas and sliding menu modules. Here is a screenshot of these modules in action: