Dynamik BB Template > how to get rid of dark gray page background?

I’m using the Dynamik Beaver Builder templates.

The home page uses beaver-builder.php

Please look at the top right menu - the gray background should be white. The gray only appears when I use a BB template with Dyanmik.

Compare a Dynamik page using default (no-BB) template.
The same top right menu is now white. There is no gray background.

For consistency, I would like the top menu to always be white, even when using BB template

Hi Kelly,

This is Colin from the Dynamik Beaver. The problem you’re having is not created by Beaver Builder.

It looks like you’re using the SocialPress Skin from Cobalt Apps and there seems to be a background color issue. I’ve just tried recreating your problem, but I can’t seem to get a gray background like yours on that menu bar without making it gray in Dynamik Design.

Can you check the following?

  1. In Dynamik Design under the Nav tab, can you make sure the Main Background (6th option down) is set to “Color” with a value of #FFFFFF

  2. In Dynamik Design under the Subnav tab, can you make sure the Main Background (4th option down this time) is set to “Color” with a value of #FFFFFF

Let me know if this solves your problem.


Kelly, I just looked into this a bit more and I think the problem is more likely the Body Background color (4th option down) on the Body tab in Dynamik Design. See the image below:


Let me know if that solves it for you.


I never would have found that! DDDDDD is the Dynamik default setting.


Glad I could help Kelly:)