Ecommerce products not aligning correctly on mobile version

Hi, First not a super technical person. I am trying to figure out why my products on my BB Theme mobile version are all aligning to the left. Even though I set them up to be in the center. The website on desktop is fine, but not mobile. I have tried various CSS snipets to take care of the problem and they have not worked. If someone with more technical experience could take a look at the site on mobile I would appreciate it. Go to shop and pick on a product category and you will see they are all aligned to the left. I want them in the center. How do I fix this. My site is Thanks! Larry

Hi there,

Try removing the 30px padding on the right in the UABB post module.

.fl-node-dvmge2kaynp9 .uabb-blog-posts .uabb-blog-post-inner-wrap {
padding-top: 0;
padding-bottom: 0;
padding-left: 0;
padding-right: 30px

Hello, I appreciate the suggestion. Forgive my ignorance, can you give me some direction on how to access the UABB Post module? Would this be found on the actual site page or in WordPress Dashboard. Thank you! Larry

Sorry, the suggestion I gave was for the Bonbon flavors page. Having re-read your initial question, I not familiar enough with the uabb woo commerce module to tell you how to make the adjustments without getting into the editor myself. If you open it up in editor mode, all the parameters should be there.

I could tell you how to override the module settings with CSS, but that may not be the best approach for you. You might try contacting UABB support to see if they will help.

I really appreciate your help. You actually got me on the right track. I went into UABB Woo Products and adjusted the Padding for the mobile site. Adjusting the padding seemed to fix the problem for all products. They appear centered now. Thanks again! Larry

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