Edit fixed-header.php

Hello BBiers,

I have a new project which requires a custom fixed header.

I have made it worked by editing the fixed-header.php on the Parent Theme but I want to do it on the child-theme files so it won’t get overwritten when updating the parent theme.

I tried copying the /includes/fixed-header.php to the child-theme but the site is still pulling the file on the parent theme. How can I do it?

Please help.


BB Theme Version: 1.1.9
Beaver Builder Plugin (Developer Version): 1.4.1
WP Version: 4.0.1

Hey Chris,

Are you talking about the fixed header that appears when you scroll down the page?

If you are, I have something coming up on Sunday that will show you how to modify the Beaver Builder theme in any way you want (including the fixed header) without typing a single line of code.

Can you wait until Sunday?

If you can’t wait until Sunday, you’ll need to target the header with some custom css like the following to change the fixed header color to black…

.fl-page .fl-page-nav-right .fl-page-header-wrap {
background: #000000;

Just add something like that to the Code section of the Beaver Builder theme settings.

Hope that helps.


Hi Colin,

That sounds great. I will wait for your update over the weekend.

For your reference, here is the staging site - http://employee-assist.sg.rowberts.com.au/
As mentioned, the header works but will break if I update the parent theme.



BTW I am impressed with the content you are producing around BB & Genesis.
Two of my favorite tools. But in this case, I thought I could just get away with some slight modification to the BB theme.

Hey Christopher,

I looked into this and the reason you can’t override that is because we’re not including it in the parent theme properly. If we used WordPress’ get_template_part function, what you are trying to do would work.

I’m going to change that for the next update, but in the meantime, if what Colin is suggesting doesn’t work out, you can safely make that change in the theme files as it will be included the next time you update.

The code you need to edit is located in classes/FLTheme.php at line 375. You should change this…

include FL_THEME_DIR . '/includes/fixed-header.php';

to this…


Let me know how that goes!



I’m looking to do something similar with the nav-bottom.php file. What might be a similar way to adjust this code?

include FL_THEME_DIR . '/includes/nav-' . self::get_setting('nav_position') . '.php';



Hi David,

That will be fixed in the next release as well. For now you can change that line to…

get_template_part( 'includes/nav-' . self::get_setting('nav_position') );

Let me know if you run into any issues with that.


That did the trick. I appreciate it!

Thanks everyone. This worked for me as well.
I look forward to the new theme release.

A standard landing page template would not go astray either.
But it is easy to create.