Edit functionality for custom module not working

Dear Members

I’ve created a custom beaver builder module, using the steps provided in the “Custom Module Documentation”.
The custom module is a simple one, which would fetch posts from a specific category and display the feature image.
There is no problem when I add the module, and apply the same to a post/page.
However, while trying to edit the builder layout, the edit functionality don’t appear at all. Also the header bar which says “Page builder” also goes missing. You can check the behavior in the screenshot at https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2hp3qmrxy73nzf/my%20plugin%20don’t%20show%20edit%20box.png?dl=0. However, default plugins work properly (https://www.dropbox.com/s/0q01b2qv5qojsfn/default%20plugin%20works%20fine.png?dl=0).

I’ve checked various browsers (Chrome, Firefox on Windows, Safari on Mac), however its same story.
I’ve disabled all other plugins, and still the same issue.

I can provide WP dashboard login and FTP if required.

Request you to please guide.

Thank you for reading this query, I appreciate your time.

Warm Regards

After some help and debug I’ve realized that this was caused due to some issue in my code external to BB plugin.
Sorry for the trouble.