Edit menu icons not showing; action boxes empty

Hello all, looking for some help to resolve this BB edit issue. All was fine for the past year until we updated plugins, but with the combination of changes the edit is not working.

There are two issues:

  1. the icons on the edit box do not display, while the text describing the action does display
  2. clicking on the icon for the the action for the plugins brings up the action box, but the box does not have any action details

For (1): Edit box icons do not display

What should display


What does display


For (2) : action boxes are empty

The plugins are Draw Attention Pro 1.11.9 and Smart Slider 3 Pro, the edit behavior in BB is the same for both. This is the behavior when editing the behavior for Draw Attention:

What is should display:


What is does display:

Have disabled all the other plugins, and also followed the suggestions for resolving Font Awesome issues, but none of those options have helped.

Any suggestions where to look next?

either your theme is using another version of fa, or a plugin is, or you added another version or finally you added css … for a font or something and your css rules are affecting icons as well… this is quite common.

Understood, will keep looking.