Edit Page Focus Keyword not updating

Hi BB team,

I am having trouble updating my focus keyword. Every time I go to “edit page” and try to change my focus key word and click “update” it does not update and goes back to what was originally there. I thought maybe a plugin was not updated, but I checked and it seemed to be fine. Help.


I use Yoast so am not sure if there is something built in to Beaver Builder that has focus keyword so I apologize if my answer does not actually help.

The good news is likely the focus keyword is just a helpful tool for you to know if your page seems to be optimized for that keyword. It doesn’t usually serve any other purpose so your site should function without this.

However, likely you want that information at a glance. If you haven’t already, I suggest you look on the edit page screen for another place that might also have the focus keyword. The plugin you are using might just have duplicated something from an existing field and one is considered priority over the other.
If that isn’t the case, my recommendation is to try again later and it just might work then (sounds odd, but I’ve had some troubles on the edit page screen that don’t happen when I go back later).

Hope that helps.