Editing page when dynamic content present

This seems to make editing a little slow when dynamic content is on a page, wonder if there is a best practice for this?

If I have a slideshow say, and editing another module, any change I make in the settings to that seem to cause the slideshow to refresh and have to wait until that is done before editing the next choice, even without saving.

Just trying now on a page with an iframe pulling site uptime report, so just changing any part of any module cause that to go off and get its data to refresh each time.

That is making editing really slow in that case. A workaround is to delete the iframe whilst editing and last thing when finished is to paste it back in before saving. Would not want to have to explain this to a client on a live site however.

Any better way?

Hey Neil,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a better way right now. The entire layout has to be refreshed when making changes. I would like at some point to look into only refreshing parts of a layout, but that’s going to be a rather large undertaking. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.


Ok appreciated Justin. Not an issue on most pages so just have to live with it, on any page with significant dynamic content I will just leave placeholder content whilst building the rest and add the dynamic back in when the rest is sorted.