Elegant Themes Bloom Popup and Beaver Builder Button - is it possible?

I’m trying to get the Bloom popup “on click” action to work with the beaver builder button. From Elegant Themes side they have given me instructions that don’t work. Has anyone got this to work successfully? Here’s the website - http://172.957.myftpupload.com/ . I just have the first Free Download button configured. From ET - create class on button - in my case “chapter”. Then in Bloom On click action add a.chapter. If you Inspect Element there is no chapter or a.chapter showing. Just fl-button. I tried using that but still no go. In theory this should work, right?

Here’s the original instructions ET pointed me to, but then said use just chapter and a.chapter - http://www.elegantenthusiast.com/bloom-on-click-trigger/

Here is a site that has the effect I’m looking for. This may be using the Divi theme or builder, but still, shouldn’t it work with BB too? Scroll down to the 2 buttons in the middle of the page:

Thanks. This is really a nice effect.

Hey Ramona,

Can you try placing this .chapter a.fl-button under the CSS Selector string and see if it works?


Thanks Ben. That didn’t work either, but I’ve sent it on to Bloom tech support who is getting in the backend to muddle around. Seems like it shouldn’t be confined to working with just Bloom and Divi, should it? Of course, you guys are the experts. Do you know of another modal popup that I might try? I just really like Bloom’s design choices, but I’ll settle for less;)

Hi Ramona,

I have no experience with any popup subscription forms. :smiley:

However, I do believe a few of our users are using the OptinMonster plugin which I have linked below.


Thanks @Danny. MailMunch surprisingly works out of the box. Doesn’t have the design features, but can’t have everything;)

Hi Ramona,

So Bloom only works with Divi? Also, thanks for the sharing the alternative.


No, @Danny, Bloom works fine on any website as a regular popup. It’s just getting that ‘on click’ option to work. I think it’s more on Bloom side than Beaver Builder since they have other support threads concerning this. I have to move it to a test site to continue with their support. Since Mail Munch works for the client I had to move forward with that. I’ll keep you posted on Bloom progress.