Element Selection Issue with version 1.6.3

I am using th estandard version. I upgraded to v1.6.3 but had to revert back to v1.6.2.1.

I have a full width row container and in the row I have three column containers, in each column I have a WordPress widget. with v I was able to select each widget and make changes, I could also edit each column container.
with the new version I am unable to select any widget, neither can I select any column container, the only thing I can select is the row container.

It is as if the row container layer is in front of (or above) the column container layer making it impossible to select anything under the top layer - that’s the best way I can describe it.

not that I have reverted back to the older version everything is working again.


Hey Lee,

Hmm, sounds like it could be a plugin conflict or perhaps other conflict with the new version. There are a couple of ways you can troubleshoot this. Firstly, there is the plugin deactivation route. Also, you could try saving the page as a template and using it on another page. Also, perhaps removing a widget at a time or even the content in each to see if you can find where the issue resides. Let us know what you find!


Hi guys,

I just experienced this problem also, where I could edit a row but not columns and modules.

I reset the Beaver Builder Cache in settings > page builder and this fixed the issue.

24 hrs later I upgraded to version 1.6.3 again, this time it worked without me having to do anything further.


Hey Lee,

Thanks for the follow up. Glad it’s working fine now! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: