elements no longer editable in rows after 1.74 update

Hello, I have all plugins disabled except for beaver builder and am using the beaver builder theme. I cannot select elements inside a large hero type row. Only the row settings are editable.

You can see a screenshot I uploaded here:


Hey Tim,

Sorry to hear! Would you mind providing us your site URL as well as temp admin access so we can take a look?


I am seeing the exact same issue.

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Hey Guys,

Yep, we have a bug here that we are looking into and will have a fix out for soon. In the meantime and I know it isn’t optimal, but if you need to edit, go ahead and remove the bg overlay which should allow you to edit.


Hey guys,

Just letting you know we’ve already fixed this issue on our end and should be available on the next maintenance patch. You can use the CSS snippet below in the meantime for a fix.

.fl-block-overlay-active .fl-row-content {
  z-index: 100007 !important;


Update: we’ll be releasing 1.7.5 today as the bug seems to be a big one.