Embed videos not working in Firefox 32.0.3

Embed Vimeo videos work fine, e.g., “https://vimeo.com/109903713/” in Safari and Chrome on latest Mac OS X. But with Firefox I just get the “Dag-nab-it! This video can’t be played with your current setup” using the Basic Video module.


Hi Doug,

Sorry to hear about the issues! I did some testing and found the same issue in FireFox. However, I tried just accessing the video on Vimeo and the same issue arises on their site which leads me to believe this compatibility issue resides with Vimeo. I would suggest giving their support a try as I don’t think this has anything to do with our plugin. Let me know how it goes!



Yes, you’re right. It doesn’t work on Video’s site with Firefox either. Looking further it’s probably because I don’t have Flash installed on my computer. On Safari and Chrome it plays fine with the HTML5 player, but Firefox doesn’t support that.