Embed Vimeo Video Trouble

Hi guys,

I am using BB Video Module to include a Vimeo share link.

Unfortunately, I am seeing a lot of (font/deprecated code) errors on my SSL site as a result:

I have also tested using other themes. Results are similar. Trouble is that it sometimes slows down the delivery of video content.

I don’t know if the trouble is on the Vimeo side or on the WordPress/BB side.

I have contacted Vimeo for support but they are unable to reproduce the problem.

Best regards,

Hey Michael,

Have you tried using a different browser? I think those are browser related errors. All I know is those data:font type of stuff are intended for the browser. Can you try adding the video via the iframe code that Vimeo provides and see if it does the same thing?


Hi Ben

Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t realise that it may be Browser issues but you are probably right. I tried adding the iframe code and the same issues are evident in web developer tools.

Best regards,

No worries at all, Michael! Glad we could help. :slight_smile:

Enjoy BB!