Empty widget after saved settings


I try to create my first module, but i’m blocked.

When i edit a post, on the refresh after saving my settings, my widget is empty. I think it’s a jQuery conflict, but i can’t found where :frowning:

If someone had an idea …


Hey Thierry,

I’m glad to see you’re creating modules! I’ll install that tomorrow and see about what the issue might be. In the meantime, are you developing with WP_DEBUG on? There might be a PHP error breaking things that you’re not seeing if that is not on.


I have found the problem, a bug in the erident plugin which return an error (warning) : “headers already send …”.

What is the recommandation to translate a module ?

Great! Glad to hear you found the bug.

Regarding translation, it’s a bit lengthy, but you’ll want to review this article…


Once your plugin is setup correctly, you can load translations using the info in the Loading a Text Domain section.


Ok, it’s like every other dev in WordPress.

Thanks Justin

Yea, unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do it. But, once you get setup, it’s really nice.