Error Updating Plugin and Theme version: Update package not available


I receive this error: An error occurred while updating Beaver Builder Plugin (Agency Version): Update package not available.

I’m able to update other/install other plugins and themes w/out a problem. Any ideas?
I know I can install it manually, but wondering why I can’t update via admin back-end.


Hi Helms,

Do you by chance have another version of the plugin installed in your site? If that is the case, you’ll want to deactivate and delete before trying to upload the new version. Let me know if that helps and we’ll go from there!


Hey Billy,

I don’t have another version of the plugin installed. Every time there is an upgrade I have to manually deactivate and delete the plugin and theme and install the new version.

Just to be clear, the problem I’m having is updating the plugin and theme via the WordPress admin updates. This is when I get the error. Deleting and re-installing manually isn’t a problem, just a hassle.

Thanks for your help,

Hey Helms,

Sorry to hear! Would you mind sharing temp admin access via private reply so we can take a look at what might be causing that for you?