Errors in the Console

Hoping you can help me, I can see the following errors in the console with my latest update to my plugin, and I cannot work out what is causing it

console errors

The secon error is failing to load the ace editor which I am using in the custom CSS tab, and the first error I have no idea?

It is my plugin causing the error, just no idea what it is causing the problem?

Hey Jon,

I’ve already assigned another member of the team to assist you with your concern.


Hey Jon,

It looks like the GridFx variable isn’t defined. Do you know where that is coming from?

Also, it looks like the config for the editor field is wrong because I’m seeing ace/mode-mode.js. The second mode in that should be css, js or html. Make sure the editor param is set correctly like so…

'html'          => array(
	'type'          => 'code',
	'editor'        => 'html'

If that doesn’t work, shoot me a copy and I can have a look.