Essential Grids display dates out of order

I’m currently experiencing a weird issue with the Essential Grid on my events page on WordPress.

When I input events, it will display the events on the page, in the correct order.

However, I noticed lately now those dates are appearing out of order. When I view the events in the Essential Grid options/admin page (I normally use Chrome when making edits to my website), they’re displaying in the correct order (by date) but when I preview the page, it’s showing the events out of order (eg: Events on Dec 31 2023 displaying after a February 2024 Date, or February 2nd dates appearing after February 3rd dates instead of before).

I understand it’s because its because the settings is in Masonry, but when I switch it to Even or Cobbles, it displays them in correct order, but now missing the event information. Just the thumbnail is shown. That’s it.

Is there a reason for this? and a proper fix?

You would have to contact the authors of “Essential Grid” it is not a native BB module.

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